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Price List
Facial Care

$15  Nourishing Day Cream (60ml) - vegan
$15  Soap Free Facial Cleanser (90ml) - vegan

$5    Hemp - intense lip butter -unscented
Goddess gloss -unscented
$7    BFF (Best Face Forward) Facial Soap - vegan
$7    Clarifying Traditional Shaving Soap - vegan

Bath and Body

$6   Bath Hearts  - Seasonal or special order
        French Lavender, Peaceful Patchouli, Perfect Peppermint
        Eucalyptus & Green Tea, Orange ya glad!,
        $20 for 4 - vegan

$10   All-natural Cream Deodorant 2oz - vegan
         The deodorizing power of baking soda combined with the
         bacteria fighting power of essential oils all shaken up in the
         magic of coconut oil and other choice ingredients!

Lemon or Coriander Scent

Specialty Soaps

$7     BFF (Best Face Forward) Facial Soap - vegan
           Rhassoul clay has been reported to help clarify skin while
           helping to improve elasticity.  50% olive oil plus avocado oil
           means your face will thank you for it!  Unscented

$7     Shaving Face - Facial & Shaving Soap - vegan
           Rhassoul clay helps clarify skin & improve razor glide & life,
           while activated charcoal helps minimize razor burn & bumps.

Hand Crafted Soap $6    Save when you buy 4 for $20

Natural Vegan Bar Soap  - 4oz  coloured only with natural herbs & spices*

-French Pear & Bourbon Vanilla(F)

       Orange ya Glad! (EO)
       Eucalyptus & Green Tea (EO)
       Peace & Patchouli (EO)
       Tea Tree Poppymint (EO)
       French Lavender (EO)
       Spiced Rum (F)
       French Pear & Bourbon Vanilla (F)
      Oatmeal Nettle - unscented for sensitive skin

* EO=Essential Oil   F=Fragrance Oil

Natural Skin Cream (90ml tube)

$20 That Orange Cream - Intense skin conditioner

$15 Lavender​ - vegan
$15 Hemp (unscented or Patchouli scent) - vegan
$15 WOMAN (Gardenia Scented) - vegan
$15 Everyday Essential Moisture​​​​​​​​​​​ - vegan

French Pear
New Scent!
New, Vanilla French Pear features bright, sweet, juicy pear & warm, cozy bourbon vanilla with just a hint of spice.
The perfect scent to warm you up and put a sweet smile on your face during the cold months!