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Every year mains de mariposa responds to client requests and offers a variety of hands-on, relaxed, educational workshops based in natural skin care.

From the beginner just looking to have fun to the more serious student, we love to get you involved.  Fun and informative, you take away loads of knowledge, recipes & products you've made.  You'll also gain the confidence to make more informed decisions about your health and skin care!

Register early as spaces are limited.

What people are saying about mdworkshops!

I wanted to let you know how glad I was to have taken your course on the making of skin care products. You certainly know your stuff. Your presentation was very well put together and your knowledge of the many aspects of the skin care industry, from the chemical make-up of ingredients to how-to use healthy ingredients to a best advantage, was most informative. It's always nice to see someone actively pursuing what they're passionate about, moving forward even though it can be scary, and sharing that whole experience with others. Your "Mains De Mariposa" skin care products are a reflection of you, all natural, positive, and healthy! Good intentions make good products.

Countless people have already joined us with our fun and relaxed customized soap workshops.
Are you ready to start your DIY addiction?
Small groups sizes allow me to give you just the information you're looking for to
​take out the mystery and add the magic!​​​
Good morning Bonnie, Just wanted to thank
you for your (soap) workshop.  You were very informative and getting some hands on teaching from someone who knows what they're doing was great.  I had a great time, the atmosphere was perfect and other class mates were really cool. 
I am interested in attending (the lotion making workshop) could you send me more information?  ~M.M.  Ottawa.

Good afternoon Bonnie, I really enjoyed the lotion course and can't wait until my supplies arrive so I can do some experimenting.  You definitely packed a ton of info into your class.  It was nice that we got to try the different formulas to see the properties of each.  I'm really glad I made it to the workshop.  It was well worth it.  ~M.M. Ottawa